How many times can you use a digital coupon at publix

Coupons have unique serial numbers printed on them and follow industry-standard format. Any presented coupon that does not follow standard format will not be accepted, to include coupons that are copied and have the same serial number. We also redeem circular and direct-mail coupons for money off of the total order.

There is a limit of one per customer per day. Example: If the coupon is from Target, Food Lion etc. We do not accept any paper internet coupons from other retailers. The Management Team in each store determines who their competitors are. We do not accept percent off items or percent off total order coupons.

Digital coupons will not double or triple. A digital manufacturer coupon cannot be combined with a paper or Internet manufacturer coupon. If a digital manufacturer coupon and a paper manufacturer coupon are presented for the same item, the best value will be redeemed at checkout, including any double or triple value promotions. Any unused digital or paper coupons will be returned to the customer. Digital coupons will have an expiration date communicated on the website. Here are three types of tools that will help you slash your grocery bills the next time you shop for food.

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Many grocery stores have their own apps that let you save in a variety of ways. Within both the Kroger and Meijer apps, for example, shoppers can digitally acquire manufacturers' coupons at home and have them added to their store loyalty card that is then scanned on check out. The discounts are automatically removed from your total receipt. Martin says Target is one of her favorite apps.

Beginner’s Guide to Couponing | My Publix Coupon Buddy

She also recommends the apps for Whole Foods , Kroger and Publix, because they have added features like bonus coupons for mobile users. This won't necessarily save you money, but these apps also have a barcode scanning feature, so if an item is missing a price tag in store, you can quickly use your smartphone to see how much it is Each member of her family has a shopper loyalty card linked to the same account which points will add up faster; many stores will hand out three or four per account so everyone can take advantage of the same discounts.

You must get two items even numbers of items to get the deal. You could also use a 2 store coupons here if you had some and end up with a credit for more than the price of the item. If your store does not double then you would want the higher value coupon!

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Not all stores double coupons and soon they are expected to phase all doubling out so check with your local Publix. Florida stores do not double. Publix does not double store coupons. Even if you are shopping at a Publix that does double manufacturer coupons, the store coupons Publix or competitor coupons are only credited for the face value and are never doubled.

Publix couponing is not much different than other stores when it comes to how a bogo coupon will work. When using a manufacturer coupon that states buy one get one free, the coupon applies to both items. This also applies to a coupon that is buy x product get y product free.

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If a coupon requires the purchase of more than one item to get the deal, then it applies to all items mentioned on the coupon and cannot be used with another manufacturer coupon. The same goes for a store coupon that requires the purchase of more than one item.

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If you have a store coupon that states buy x get y free then you are using that coupon for both x and y so no additional store coupon can be used on either of those. You can use an additional manufacturer coupon on each. Using a bogo coupon on a bogo SALE is allowed. Using two bogo coupons on the same two items is not allowed unless one is a store coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon.

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Update: All Publix are expected to discontinue this in December. To claim the item, you need to shop on the first day of the new sale Thursdays for me but some areas begin the new sale on Wednesdays. The item rings up at regular price, then the coupon subtracts all but a penny of the price. To see examples of what items are offered as penny items, look here.

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Publix allows the expired coupons to be used when you use your rain-check as long as they were valid at the time the rain-check was issued. Please note that a raincheck does NOT override any limit stated on the coupons themselves. Rain-checks are only issued for out of stock merchandise that is advertised outside the store at a reduced retail. The items you are requesting a rain check for must be out of stock and be on an advertised sale at a reduced price.

Publix will only issue one rain check per household per item that is out of stock.

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In other words, you cannot get one for you, your husband, each of your children, etc. Fairly often, the weekly ad flyer may include a coupon for the Publix gas card deal. For most who buy gas, this is a benefit! Please read our post explaining the Publix Gas Card Deal here. Publix policy states that you may use the gas card coupon in addition to another Dollars-off-purchase coupon as long as you meet the requirements of both separately.

The difference is that, unlike the Publix Gas Card deals, the Visa has an activation fee. Be sure to ask for it when you check out! The discount excludes alcohol, tobacco, lottery, money orders and postages stamps. This is available in Select Stores only and does not include stores in Florida. Whether this happens with one coupon or stacked coupons or both , Publix will give you the value of the coupons. admin