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The lack of sugar and caffeine led to a slight headache midday, which is a normal detox side effect. That said, after just a couple of days, we were feeling super clean and clear-headed and actually kind of high.

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Red Carpet Cleanse. The Signature includes six drinks per day, favorites being the Rawkstar Smoothie almond milk, mango, kale, cinnamon, and stevia and the Baja Mint Cooler pineapple, cucumber, mint, and jalapeno. On the third day, we opted for the Juice Till Sunset, which included four juices, a chia seed pudding, and a hearty salad which tasted insanely good after a couple of days of no chewing.

Offer valid one month from today. Sirona specializes in longer-term alkaline cleanse retreats in Mexico and four times a year in LA , which include whole foods, broths, and supplements.


On the Level 2 cleanse, we always look forward to the pineapple juice around 11am after the morning green , and the spicy lemonade at 3pm. Feel Food Winter Reboot. The day begins with a Bee Pollen alkaline water, followed by green juice. We warmed up the potassium-packed Mushroom Tonic around dinnertime and ate it from a bowl as well.

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You make up for the comforting warm broths by skipping a higher-fat nut milk which many cleanses offer in the evening, which left us feeling light, but satisfied. Magic Mix Fearless Cleanse.

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We like the Fearless Cleanse, a line-up of six juices. Even on the first day, we were feeling the effects of the detox, most notably in a runny nose and an energetic euphoria around 3pm.

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Tiny Empire. This juice comes with a side of hipster edge. Marked by a neon green sign, this clean, minimal shop is filled with juices, raw snacks, and green plants. The cleanse begins each morning with a nice jolt: Orange, grapefruit and a shot of cayenne.

We bring the juice to you.

Truce Juice. This brand-new, cold-pressed boutique juice operation—co-founded by Blaire Molitor, who recently moved to Minnesota from Southern California—offers two levels. The chocolate almond milk is insane, and they include a bit of apple in their root and green juices to sweeten them up, making either cleanse fairly painless.

Greenhouse Juice Co. The first day after your cleanse, drink cold-pressed juices and smoothies, eat soups, and consume lots of organic fruits and vegetables. At this point, your body will feel rejuvenated so take this experience to create new, healthy eating habits. Build momentum towards a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

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Do not jump into strenuous or exhausting activities right after your juice cleanse. For more details on our cleanses please stop in and see us!! Health is Wealth. About Location Contact Us. Proudly created by TechCo Savvy Inc.